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Red Rocking Chair | performed by Jody Carroll and Sigrid Anne of The Hillshines
Southeast Region, Appalachian Mountains Traditional Folk Ballad
"...I'll rock the cradle, I'll sing this song, I'll rock the cradle when you're gone..."
With origins in the early 1900's, this American Folk Song is found throughout the Southeast and Appalachian Mountains.
The Red Rocking Chair/Red Apple Juice/Sugar Baby songs may be traced back to Child No. 76, The Lass of Roch Royal - A Scottish Ballad of 1829.

ORIGIN: Scottish, circa 1829
REGION: Southeast and Appalachian Mountains
LISTEN: The Hillshines, American Roots and Folk Duo
Jody Carroll and Sigrid Anne of The Hillshines perform "Red Rocking Chair". Recorded among the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, N.C. by Phil Ludwig of Seclusion Hill Studios. 

"Red Rocking Chair" by The Hillshines

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